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24 May 2009 @ 07:34 pm
Less than a week away until Elliot's. :D SO STOKED. Hopefully everything works out, I still gotta run to the bank and take out some money, pick up a swim suit and possibly a fresh sketchbook to take with me. All I got now is a fresh batch of manilla paper and a brown micron, I figured if I make people art they wouldn't want it to be so..brown, haha.

In other news, I just hopped on for a minute while at Rhonda's. I have dog duty, because their dog Kobe is a spazz and they have babies around, so my feet are all scratched from him trying to break free from his leash.  xD BUT YES, nice people, good food, possibility of finally hanging out with 2x2l  and her pals, everything's pretty good right now. :)